Drinks Bottle Lid


Replacement lid for the 1 Litre Drink Bottle.

The central pull-out spout is designed to be removed for cleaning. There are two ‘lugs’ either side of the bottom of the spout that fit into slots in the lid, and these are designed to keep the spout in place.  The spout may need to be twisted for these to engage. A degree of effort is required to pull the spout out for cleaning and if not correctly fitted (lugs engaged in lid) it may come out more easily than intended.

This product, if purchased alone, will be shipped by Royal Mail Second Class Parcel post. 
We apologies but due to the UK postage rules around dimensions we are unable ship this product by any other method that is cost efficient to all parties.



Size: to fit the Swimzi 1 Litre Drinks Bottle

BPA Free


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